Top Best Tips to Make Great Long Exposure Photographs at Night

Long Exposure Photographs at Night tips and tricks
If you love taking long exposure camera night shots this how to video will give you some great basics to get started. Pro photographer Serge Ramelli shows us his six best tips for taking great long exposure photographs during the night.

1. Start by shooting without using an ND filter after the sun goes down. ND filters alter the color of your photos and when you already have nice colors you don’t want to ruin those.

2. Try a 30 second exposure time first. It is a good time to have nice water and clouds and this can be achieved without a remote control.

3. Snap 3 different exposures with the timer at: 8, 15 and 30 seconds and decide which you like best.

4. Photograph after sunset in the direction where the sun went below the horizon, you will get a better sky.

5. Try and capture clouds and water in your photo, this will make the titillation.

6. Be in a spot where the wind is pushing the clouds toward you, This is not always easy, but the result is better.

These give you a good starting spot to work from when shooting night scenes. Once you feel you are getting the hang of these steps start branching out from there with your own ideas. Just get motivated and get out and shoot.

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