Top 10 iPhone 6 and 6 plus photography tips video for getting the best images

10 tips photos iphone 6
10 great tips for improving your mobile phone photographs. Most tips in this video work for iPhone and Android.

10 tips and how to perform each in this video by Matt Granger:

1: Use LED light as a fill light
2: Use a polarizing filter outdoors for glare reduction
3: Avoid using digital zoom
4: Mind your highlights and shadows
5: No the range of your flash and don’t use too far out
6: Careful of the location where you meter your shot
7: Get the correct focus point for your shot
8: Stabilize your shoot best as possible – Shoot with two hands
9: Quick edit your images – Try Snapseed photo app
10: Take the same precautions as if shooting with a full size camera

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