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Printer ink Most people try to buy recycled and remanufactured printer cartridges to save money when they can. That will usually save you money but I’m still stunned by the cost. So if you are a penny pincher like me you will try practically anything to save ink.

Here are 2 tricks I like to use. The first isn’t perfect, but it won’t cost you a thing.

When printing from a Web site, try highlighting the material on the page that you want to print and choose Selection in the print dialog box. This way chances are very good you won’t get stuck printing everything on the page.

On the down side, chances are also there that you will pick up stuff you don’t want–like a graphic. You might also end up printing an extra page with the tail end of the Web page, say, the “about us” info.

Here are 2 printer tools that can help.
The 2nd trick is to use a utility to ensure that doesn’t happen. Sure, it can cost almost the same as buying an inkjet cartridge. But the programs here give you a preview of exactly what will print, and let you delete specific pages before they’re sent to the printer. Both of these tools have trial versions, so you can see whether they’ll work for you before paying for them.

This 1st program is FinePrint, the $50 tool has been used by many offices almost a decade. It has a plethora of features, including a way to use a two-, four-, or eight-up layout, which is ideal for printing drafts.

The next program is GreenPrint, which will set you back about $35. Among other things, it lets you transform any page you’re about to print into a PDF document. It also uses special fonts that fit more text on a page–without making it difficult to read.

The biggest benefit of buying GreenPrint is they will plant a tree every time someone purchases a GreenPrint product.

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