Stabilization Problems With Panasonic G85 G80 vs GX85 Video Quality Compared

GX85 vs gx80 stabilazation problems
Comparing the video quality between the Panasonic G85 / G80 vs the GX85. Looking at the issues the G85 has with jumping and jittering during video recordings.

Video breakdown courtesy of Marcin Rucinski. He made every possible configuration and when he compared stabilization of gx80 vs g80, the gx80 wins it doesn’t have this jerking issue. He checked this with and without electronic stabilization on. For the test his video E stabilization is set to off on both cameras. The lenses he use had the latest firmware at the time, He updated lenses – 12-35mm f2.8, 14-140mm, 12-60mm, 45mm 1.8. His Gx80 had latest firmware which when he uploaded did improve already good stabilization.

The Panasonic G80 has the firmware 1.0 and there is no update on Panasonic website. When he tested the lenses which support dual IS the “dual IS” Ion is visable on the camera screen. He was testing apples to apples, and he felt there is something wrong going on, what he didn’t know is whether it is problem with his camera body by it’s self.

New – The latest firmware update for the G85 has improved the jitters and the video quality is much better now. Make sure that your batteries are fully charged, the camera is set to M for Manual mode and the SD card you are using is formatted inside of the camera.

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