Sony RX100M3 Firmware Update 1.20 New Release With Fixes And Speed Increase

RX100M3 Firmware update
New Release Sony DSC-RX100M3 Camera Firmware Update available now. Version 1.20 for the RX100M3 (RX100 III) and M3B thought to help with focus issues. Possible increase of focus speed during photos and video.

In this new firmware update, Version 1.20, addresses a problem that caused the camera to take an very long time to start up from being powered down, after the Smart Remote Control app was downloaded to the camera.

DSC-RX100M3 Camera Firmware Update Instructions Here.

One non-published official fix was when shooting video in Intelligent Auto mode with Face Detection turned on it automatically forced on the “Soft Skin Effect” which muddied video quality for most. You can now disable the “Soft Skin Effect”. A big plus when shooting video in brighter light and most outside conditions.

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