Sony PSP Battery Explodes

Florida man’s PSP battery explodes while charging on his nightstand.

“It had been charging for over an hour when it just went off”, said Bob Nixon. He had bought a generic replacement charger from his local Radio Shack after losing his original one on a trip. He was watching TV in his living room and he though he was smelling something burning. While walking around his home checking on the odor he heard the PSP battery Explode.

PSP Battery Explodes

“It popped so hard that it flipped the PSP off of the nightstand”, said Nixon. The battery pieces were scattered across the room and it left a black burn mark on the nightstand.

“I think the battery exploded because I got the wrong charger. It plugged in O.K. but I should have checked with the Radio Shack guy to make sure it would work”, Said Nixon.

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