How To Shoot In 4K Photo Burst Modes Panasonic GX85 GX80

How To Shot In 4K Photo Burst Modes Panasonic GX85 GX80
This video teaches you how to set up and use the 4K Photo Burst for Panasonic GX85 GX80. This will also work for the 4K Photo Burst Start-Stop modes of the Lumix G85, Lumix G7, GH5, G85, and Lumix FZ300 cameras.

Here is some of the things that 4k photo mode can do on your GX85 / GX80 cameras:

30fps action bursts
Adjusting focus after the fact
Mode where the image burst starts before you press the shutter button so you are never just a second too late for the action
Taking video and 8MP photos at the same time

All these modes make it easy to capture the spur-of-the-moment in a 8-megapixel equivalent picture shot at 30 fps. All you have to do after shooting is is to pick up the frame you want in the camera.

Also many people are not happy with their camera grip size so you can find info on the best grip for a Panasonic GX85 / GX80 Here.

Find accessories for your GX85 / GX80 Here.

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