How To Set Up Back Button AutoFocus AF Panasonic GX85 GX80 Camera

Back Button Autofocus AF Panasonic GX85 GX80
If you want to try back button autofocus AF on your Panasonic DMC-GX85 or GX80 camera just follow these simple set-up steps. The video will walk you through all the settings changes you need to make.

With the GX85 and GX80, back-button AF is the process of using a button other than the shutter button to activate the auto focus. It is very useful for moving wildlife like birds in flight and sports photography, but many people use this setup all the time. Once you try it you try this out you may never go back to shutter release focusing.

This video below explains how to set up your Panasonic LUMIX GX85 or GX80 camera for back-button AF. This also will work for many other newer Panasonic cameras like the LUMIX GH3, GH4, GX5 and GX7 cameras. Also the LX10, G7, FZ300, FZ1000, FZ2500 and more.

Steps for set-up:
1. In custom set up menu screen 1 tap AF/AE Lock.
2. Select AF-On
3. Tap Shutter AF
4. Turn Shutter AF to Off
5. Go to screen 3 and tap Focus Release Priority
6. Change the setting from Release to Focus.
7. Press shutter to get out of menu.
8. Press AF Area Button (Just left of the Menu/set center button).
9. Move AF Mode to 1-Area.

You are now set-up to use back button focus on your Panasonic GX85 or GX80.

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3 thoughts on “How To Set Up Back Button AutoFocus AF Panasonic GX85 GX80 Camera

  1. thanks for the info on setting up the BBF for gx85.
    will this affect the video also?

    Klink: Yes. It also becomes the focus button in video.

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