Samsung SC-HMX10 Camcorder Review High Definition Digital Info

The SC-HMX10 HD camcorder was released to the market in 2007. It was Samsung’s first high-definition camcorder. The SC-HMX10 uses 720P H.264 compression that will keep the file size down but is not true HD. The small camcorder has a compact body, rounded curves, and very simple menu. For a camcorder in the very low end HD market, the Samsung SC-HMX10 may be the best buy out there.

The Samsung SC-HMX10 retails for $650 but can be found as low as $299 Here.
Samsung SC-HMX10 High Definition Digital Camcorder w/built-in 8GB Memory, 10x Optical Zoom and 2.7 LCD

Samsung SC-HMX10 comes loaded with a single 1/4.5-inch CCD with a gross pixel count of 1,610,000. When shooting in abundant light, the image quality is better than I had expected. The HMX10 produces a pleasant balance of color and sharpness that stacks up favorably against competitors like the Sanyo VPC-HD2. The camcorder performs as well as can be expected in low light but don’t plan on this being unit being up to par with high end HD camcorders.

The SC-HMX10 high-definition camcorder packs a 10x optical zoom with 20x digital zoom and 1.5-megapixel CCD with an Electronic Image Stabilizer for remarkably clear pictures, viewed in the 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD display. It also features 8GB built-in flash memory which can be expanded via the SDHC/MMC card slot. The USB port allows for easy uploading of MPEG4 movie clips and JPEG still images to your PC.

The SC-HMX10 records 720p video (1280 x 720 progressive frames at 30 times per second), as opposed to 1080i (1920 x 1080 interlaced fields at 60 times per second), which is the more popular flavor of HD for consumer camcorders. Video clips are outputted in the H.264/MPEG-4 format, standing out from the two more popular formats, HDV and AVCHD. HDV is tied to tape, and is therefore slowly dying, despite offering the highest video quality. AVCHD is widely recognized as the format of choice for non-linear media such as DVD and solid state memory. However, the files from the SC-HMX10 are markedly easier to work with on a PC than AVCHD files. Each movie clip is a self-contained .MP4 file that can be easily imported into most up-to-date editing software.

Samsung SC-HMX10 Features:
Offerings a choice of shooting in two different aspect ratios – 4:3 and 16:9 – Samsung ensures the entire image is captured for playback on everything from older TVs to your newest, wide-format HDTV screen.
Two memory options – The memory Camcorders external memory slot accepts both high capacity SD and MMC. Play videos, transfer images, music and documents quickly and easily using the memory type of your choice. In addition to this slot the SC-HMX10 has 8GB built in flash memory.
Print directly from your camcorder – Give your PC a rest. Thanks to the Pictbridge function of your camcorder, you no longer have to first download your pictures onto your PC before printing. Save your valuable time and energy. Simply connect a USB 2.0 cable to your Pictbridge compatible printer and watch your photos appear.
USB 2.0 interface – The SC-HMX10 wit its USB port allows for easy uploading of MPEG4 movie clips and JPEG still images to a PC.
Capture farther than the eye can see – With its high quality 10x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom lens you can get close to the action from a safe distance. And for those ultra long distance shots, the 20x digital zoom will let you see it all in perfect detail.

Tech Specs
20x digital zoom
1.5M pixel CCD records hi-res video
External memory card slot accepts both SD™ and MMC cards
PictBridge™ technology allows for prints directly from camcorder
4:3 and 16:9 recording and viewing options
F1.6 lens/30mm diameter
Electronic image stabilization
Slow shutter night mode
2 7/16″ W x 2 11/16″ H x 4 11/16″ L
Includes remote control, USB cable, battery and software

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  1. Gotta admit – while only clocking in at 720p, impressive camera for the price. AVCHD files are still a bit more difficult to work with, and the .MP4 file format might make it a bit easier for beginners to handle.

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