PS3 Major League Baseball 2K7 Cheats, Hints and Tricks

If you are looking for some baseball on the Sony PS3 this is your only choice right now.

Being the first baseball title for the new Playstation console Major League Baseball 2K7 had me excited about its release. After playing it for a few days it has yet to disappoint. The graphics are great, especially the pitchers movements. Nice and fluid gameplay with only some minor field play glitches. Overall a great sports game I would recommend to everyone.

Heres Your Major League Baseball 2K7 Cheats.

Go to the Enter Cheat Code screen to use the following codes.

A Codes Entered Are Case-Sensitive.

Derek Jeter—Unlocks all jerseys, Dream players and stadiums.

m4murder—Increases Your chance of hitting a home run.

themick—Gives you Mickey Mantle as a free agent.

phmantle—Gives you Mickey Mantle as a pinch hitter.

triplecrown— 50% more likely 3rd, 4th and 5th hitter in line up will get a hit.

Game On—Unlocks all extras

Black Sox—Unlocks ever cheat.

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