PS3 Hard Drive Mandatory Game Install List

PS3 Hard Drive Mandatory Game Install List Many new PS3 games require you to install all or a large part of the game on your PlayStation 3 hard drive. Here is a list of some of the largest game loads and size.

Assassin’s Creed——–(Required) 1.3Gb
Brother In Arms Hells Highway-(Required) 2.1GB
Devil May Cry 4——–(Required) 4.83 GB
Dark Sector ————(Required) 1.2 GB
Dynasty Warriors 6—–(Optional) 1.86GB
Eye of Judgement———(Required) 1.9GB
Folklore——————-(Optional) 1.04GB
GTA IV——————-(Required) 3.3 GB
GT5 Prologue———–(Required) 5.24GB
Genji: Days of Blade—(Optional) 2.14GB
Haze ——————–(Required) 4.0 GB
Hot Shots Golf 5 – ——(Required) 3.61Gb
Heavenly Sword——–(Required) 2.1GB
Medal Of Honor:Airborne-(Required) 1.95 GB
Metal Gear Solid 4—–(Required) 4.6GB
Ninja Gaiden Sigma—–(Optional) 3.3Gb
Oblivion———————(Required) 4.6GB
Oblivion GOTY————–(Required) 5+GB
Ratchet & Clank Future-(Required) 0.42GB
Resistance: Fall of Man–(Required) 0.22GB
Ridge Racer 7 ————-(Optional) 5GB
Spiderman 3—————(Required) 2.6Gb
Time Crisis 4—————(Optional) 2.45GB
Unreal Tournament 3 -(Optional) 2.4GB
Virtua Fighter 5——–(Required) 2.34GB
Warhawk w/o boosters (Required) 0.8GB

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