Powerfull Dog Crap Bomb Blasts Video Game Shop

Dog Poop Over Labor Day weekend some crazy kid got back at a store owner for not letting him return a video game.

Just outside of Greenville S.C. there is a small video game shop that is still reeling from the damage it received after a dog crap bomb went off in front of the store. Jeff Parks,the store owner, told police that he thinks it was set off by an angry teen that left his store screaming over a video game. “I wouldn’t let the guy return a used game and he just went off” , said Parks. “The teen started yelling and said he would be back with his friends and beat me up”.

Late Saturday night Parks got a call from police that someone had broken out his front windows and he needed to come down to the store. The home-made bomb was thought to have been a construction site blasting cap stuffed inside a container filled with a large quantity of dog crap.

“There is crap every where you look inside the store”, said Parks. “The blast took out the glass in both front doors and left pieces sticking in the walls and ceiling tiles. If anyone was in the store they could have easily been killed”, said Park.

With the strong stench from the dog crap covering everything and all of the glass scattered about Parks has contacted a local clean up business to take care of the mess. “I just couldn’t stomach it myself so I had to call someone else to get it done”, said Parks.

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