Philips Upconvert DVD Player With DivX Review Region Free Code DVP3960/37

The Philips model DVP3960/37 DVD player has progressive scanning and can do upscaling to increase the resolution of the picture selected. It has DivX that can play those MPEG4 videos which are downloaded from the computer. The DVP3960/37 unit recognizes DVDs, DVDR/Ws, CDs and CDR/Ws. The DVP3960/37 can also read JPEG picture CDs, MP3 and WMA files.

The Philips DVP3960/37 has a 12 bit video digital – to – analog converter and has that audio digital – to – analog converter as well. This DVD player has a signal – to – noise ratio of 90 and its crosstalk is 80 dB. Its distortion and noise and its dynamic range are also at 80 dB. The Dolby Digital is its sound system and its frequency response is at 30-20000 Hz. 32 – 256 kbps are its MP3 bit rates and the picture compression format is JPEG. In addition, its power consumption is less than 10 watts.

Product Specs:

D/A converter
12 bit, 108 MHz


D/A converter
24 bit, 192 kHz
Distortion and Noise (1kHz)
65 dB
Dynamic Range (1kHz)
80 dB
Sound System
Dolby Digital

Video Playback

Playback Media
CD , CD-R/CD-RW , Video CD/SVCD , DVD , DivX , DVD+R/+RW , DVD-R/-RW , DVD-Video
Video disc playback system

Audio Playback

Playback Media
CD , MP3-CD , MP3-DVD , CD-R/RW , WMA-CD , Audio CD
Compression format
Dolby Digital , MP3 , PCM , WMA

The Philips DVP3960/37 has enough features to be your primary player in your entertainment system, yet cheap enough to use as a second DVD player in a bedroom or kids room. As well as progressive scan, the DVP3960/37 offers HDMI digital video and audio connection with 1080i high definition video upscaling. You can upscale your existing DVD movies to 720p or 1080i depending on the resolution of your HDTV.

The design of the DVP3960/37 is neat and compact but the DVD player does feel flimsy and cheaply constructed when compared to higher end models. The remote control is just OK, although not well laid out. For the budget conscious consumer, however, these are minor complaints. The Philips DVP3960/37 is a feature rich DVD player with 1080i upscaling, excellent disc compatibility and a price that won’t break the bank.

To make your Philips DVP3960/37 Region free follow these steps.
Power with no disc
Open Tray
Select Setup
Down Once
Press 138931
Use Up/Down to select 0 for ALL
Press Play
Your DVD player is now able to play DVDs from any region in the world.

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