Nikon D850 Leaked Specs With Info And Release Dates

Nikon D850 Leak Specs Info Date
The new Nikon D850 leaked specifications with information and release dates. To be officially announced on August 15th or 16th at a special press conference in Japan. Most of the info on the Nikon D850 (D810 replacement) can be found below.


ISO 64-25600

3.2inch tilting LCD (2.36 million dot)

9 fps in full frame mode with new MB-D18 grip and EN-EL18a (7 fps without?)

51 continuous shots with 14-bit uncompressed RAW

extra-fine AF point for focus on tiny objects

center AF point sensitive to -4 EV; -3 EV elsewhere (like D5/D500?)

focus bracketing which can be processed by third-party software (not in camera) for infinite DOF on macros and landscapes

.75x viewfinder — bigger than D5 even

AF point coverage expanded to 130% of D810 (30% more coverage)

new 1:1 aspect ratio

new white balance mode — natural light

reduced vibration

silent mode/electronic shutter in live view, 6 fps (with locked focus and metering?); resolution 45MP (rather than 45.75MP); 30fps (in DX mode?) and 8MP, for up to 3 seconds

All this is in addition to the specs that were already known or assumed, like D5-type AF, no built-in flash 4K, 8K timelapse, no AA filter, XQD/SD, etc.

Expected retail price of $3600 USA.

You can find the new Nikon D850 here as soon as available.

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