Nikon D750 Review Video Real World Shooting With Video and Photo Samples

Nikon d750 field test video review
Jared Polin got the word that Nikon had jusr released new a frame camera he was shocked. Nikon already produced the D610 and the D810 so where would the new Nikon D750 camera fit in the lineup.

One may think the new camera would be called the D710 but heck no, Nikon chose for the next best idea, the D750. Many folks have been waiting for a replacement to the Nikon D700 which carries the top of the line sensor and pro features, but is the new camera the way to go?

Pollin is not going to run down all the specs of the Nikon D750 again as he did a preview of the camera. What he does is go into how he tested the camera and why. The Polin style is to use cameras opposed to “test” cameras in the lab. Yes certain “lab” tests may gather interesting results but we want to know how the camera actually handles in ou in everyday life.

In this Nikon D750 review Polin chose to go back to High School and shoot a Thursday night football game under the field lights. When he was under the lights what he really meant are the four polls with things on top of them that kind of illuminate the playing field.

This field test of the new Nikon D750 gives us a great real world look at what you can achieve with a mid-priced camera equiped with great lenses.

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