Nikon D750 Best Settings, Tips, Tricks and Help to make most responsive

Nikon D750 review video 2014
This Nikon D750 how to set up your camera video will help you get the most responsive, reliable and ergonomic camera set-up for you.

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For a quick set-up on a new Nikon D750 try these in the Custom Setting Menu:

AF-C priority selection: Release
AF-S priority selection: Focus
Focus tracking with lock-on: AF 3 (Normal)
Focus point illumination
Manual focus mode: ON
Dynamic-area AF display: ON
Group-area AF illumination: First option
AF point illumination: Auto
Focus point wrap-around: OFF
Number of focus points: AF51
Store points by orientation: ON
Built-in AF-assist illuminator: ON
ISO sensitivity step value: 1/3
EV steps for exposure cntrl: 1/3
Ex./flash comp. step value: 1/3
Easy exposure compensation: OFF
Matrix metering: Face detection on
Center-weighted area: 12mm
Fine-tune optimal exposure: –
Timers/AE lock
Shutter-release button AE-L: OFF
Standby timer: 6s
Auto meter-off delay: 6s
Self-timer delay: 5s
Number of shots: 1
Interval between shots: 0.5s
Monitor off delay: 10s, 1m, 10s, 4s, 10m
Remote on duration (ML-L3): 1m
Volume: OFF
Pitch: Low
Continuous low-speed: 3 fps
Max. continuous release: 100
Exposure delay mode: OFF
Flash warning: OFF
File number sequence: ON
Viewfinder grid display: ON
Easy ISO: ON
Information display: AUTO
LCD illumination: OFF
MB-D16 battery type: LR6
Battery order: MB-D16
Flash sync speed: 1/250*
Flash shutter speed: 1/60
Flash cntrl for built-in flash: TTL
Exposure comp. for flash: Entire frame
Modeling flash: ON
Auto bracketing set: AE & flash
Bracketing order: Under > MTR > over
OK button
Shooting mode: RESET
Playback mode: Zoom on/off -> 1:1 (100%)
Live view: RESET
Assign Fn button: Access top item in MY MENU
Assign preview button: Preview
Assign AE-L/AF-L button: AE-L / AF-L button press: AE/AF lock
Customize command dials: All default
Release button to use dial: OFF
Slot empty release lock: LOCK
Reverse indicators: – 0 +
Assign movie record button: ISO sensitivity
Assign MB-D16 AE-L/AF-L button: AE/AF lock
Assign remote (WR) Fn button: OFF
Assign Fn button: OFF
Assign preview button: Index marking
Assign AE-L/AF-L button: AE/AF lock
Assign shutter button: Take photos

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