Motorola Droid Hard Case Cover From HandHeldItems Review Video


If you want to try out a cheap / inexpensive case cover for your Motorola Droid its hard to beat some of the phone cases offered by HandHeldItems.

The mobile phone cases for the DROID come in a hard plastic shell that has been painted on the inside so the paint doesn’t chip away. Or a rubberized finish that has more of a grippy feel to it . The rubberized case is not really rubber but more a rubberized paint. It gives you a much better hold on your DROID. It enabled me to feel more confident when handling the phone. The added texture was especially helpful on cold mornings when texting.

The only downside I have noticed is, like with any cover, it can make it a bit harder to type on the upper row on the keypad. The cases just snap right on the phone with a click. They stay on well for a snap-on case. I did have a top pop off one time when it got caught on the corner of my pants pocket. I have never had the DROID back cover come off.

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