Man Stabed With Pencil For Poking LCD Screen At Work

A local vendor got more than he bargained for Monday morning at the office of PPA Packing in Charlotte N.C.

The vendor was going over a order with warehouse manager Nick Vorhees. “I went to point out a discrepancy with one of our product ads:, said Manny Forrest. “As I put the pencil up to the screen, I guess I just pressed to hard and it poked into the computer screen. Before I knew what was happening Nick yanked the pencil away from me and stabbed me in the forearm”.


“I couldn’t believe what had just happened. As I started to say I was sorry he just screamed and stabbed me. I think I was in shock”, said Forrest. “When I pulled the pencil out blood just started pouring out. I couldn’t get it to stop so we called 911. We [Forrest and Vorhees] have known each other for almost 2 years and have always gotten along well”.

Vorhees repeatedly said he was sorry as he tried to help stop the bleeding. “I had just gotten the LCD computer screen and the site of him poking the hole in it just set me off. I just can’t explain the feeling but I couldn’t stop my anger. I am truly sorry”, he said.

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