Man Shoots Girlfriend’s Computer After Installing Windows Vista

Friday night in Columbia South Carolina, ex-law enforcement officer Ray Jackson lost his temper while trying to repair his girlfriend’s computer.

Computer Shooter

After installing Windows Vista on the girlfriend’s 2 year old computer Jackson was trying to get some of her older programs to work with the new operating system. “He couldn’t get anything to work like it was supposed to”, said girlfriend Wanda White. “He just kept screaming at it and smacking the side of the computer”.

White had heard enough cursing from her boyfriend and went next door to her friend’s apartment. After about 20 minutes White and her friend heard gun shots from the apartment where Jackson was working. “We both ran over there to see what was happening”, said White. When she opened the door there sat Jackson with his pistol in his hand. He had just shot the computer 5 times and missed once. The miss had gone into the neighbors apartment and the bullet was lodged into their refrigerator.

Jackson is being held at the Corrections Department of S.C. His bail hearing will be held Monday morning.Courtesy of The State Paper.

77 thoughts on “Man Shoots Girlfriend’s Computer After Installing Windows Vista

  1. I swear I almost did the same. IE7 shuts down unannounced and it does it 100’s times per day. I plan on unhooking nd reformatting my entiire HP pre installed vista computer and go back to XP professional. I will never upgrade to Vista

  2. LOL
    It’s your fault for buying a HP, esp without wiping it, and installing the OS yourself first.

    I’ve had vista for 6 months and the only problem I had was the nVidia graphics driver kept crashing the system.. That was soon fixed, and has worked perfectly since..

  3. lol,my computer is hand built by me ill never defile it with that filthy apple is ALMOST worth as much as this os.

  4. Got a word for you: Ubuntu. Or, if you insist on sticking with Windows, Firefox has a Windows version. Internet Exploiter is *EVIL*.

  5. Bruce: My HP laptop worked just fine with the preinstalled system for the longest time. The only reason it stopped working is that i installed linux over it. HP provides the scsi drivers i needed to reinstall xp and it worked fine. That being said, I installed xp on my mother’s laptop (she had vista) and experienced a significant boost in operating speed. It was like seeing for the first time when you’ve been in a cave for hours. Explorer took about 1/20 the time to load. XP is actually usable. Vista is crap imo.

  6. XP is infinitely better than Vista.

    I would advise anyone with an ounce of sense NOT to upgrade any time soon.

  7. easier said than done it your serious about games, all the good commercial ones have started including vista as a requirement

  8. linux > bsd > mac > xp > vista

    why on earth are people using vista? i could use it for free, but i choose not to for obvious reasons. i await the day everyone realizes they don’t need microsoft.

  9. If a game requires you to have Vista, then it must not be a very good game.

    I had my laptop replaced recently, and I fought hard to have XP.

  10. If youre serious about games – get a game console


    If youre serious about computing, and you THINK you cant live without WinDoze —

    Get a Mac, and use Boot Camp, VMware, or Parallels—

    Really– do you really need this kind of frustration from a machine ?

  11. I still can’t figure out if the ‘wow’ thing about vista ad campaign is meant to represent the amazement of how bad vista is, or if it’s an acronym for Worthless Obsolete Wanker

  12. Vista is horrible.
    It’s a display of microstiffy simply trying too hard.

    Which makes more sense?
    An operating system that requires morej resources per consecutive release, or an operating system that’s faster and cleaner with each release.

    Vista is really nothing more than Windows and it will remain that way.
    Yes, having a kernel-based graphics subsystem can be appealing to gamers, but in all truth (And you can check my facts on this) OpenGL has been proven time and time again (Except in Microsoft’s OWN qualifying tests) to be faster AND more standards compliant. DirectX rapes your hardware.

    If more game designers took this into account, there would be more games for every platform.

    If more programmers looked towards OpenGL for their

  13. I begged my wife not to buy this HP with Vista, but, “the case looks nice” and that was all it took. Life with that POS has been a living hell ever since. HP builds crap systems and Vista is clearly the worst piece of software even Micro$oft has ever released. It seems that, anything that worked fairly well in XP, had to be changed for something that does not work at all. Anything else had to be hidden in a new location so you can’t find anything.

    Yes, I hate Microsoft!

  14. I’ve had vista installed on this laptop since it arrived. I refuse to use Internet Explorer since around Windows 95 onward and use Firefox with IE Tab as a last resort. After disabling UAC (that annoying and time wasting “Need Your Permission” dialog that interrupts everything – Vista seems to be running just fine.

    I run AVG Antivirus because it’s free and updated daily. Adaware 2007 takes care of spyware should I manage to get any (AdBlock Plus is installed on Firefox). And the firewall only gets exceptions when I use BitTorrent.

    Overall, fairly secure – but not airtight. Some programs don’t run right because – face it, it’s vista and thats like saying lets run DOS. It happens… In any event, I’ve been severely ticked at my computer a number of times – would I shoot it? Only when the previous laptop died after 5 years and took the hard drive with it mechanically.

    It’s rare, but so far the only BSOD I’ve encountered is from crashing the Video Card *repeatedly* (after about the twentieth straight crash in a row the system finally BSOD’d.)

    Do I think Microsoft is evil? There was never a doubt in my mind. Why don’t I use Ubuntu? Lack of things to run on it. When I can run Mac OS, Windows and Ubuntu all at once using Fusion then I will be happy. Till then I stick with Vista as the middle ground option.

    PS: Ubuntu for the almost win… and I don’t see myself switching to Mac anytime soon… it’s a dangerous cult that I refuse to join.

  15. I purchased and installed Vista on my laptop. Kept it on there for 2 months I just don’t see the benefit of running a processor at 15%+ and using more than 700 megs of RAM @ idle. It’s a hog went back to XP Pro and will never go back to Vista land.

  16. It’s funny I was a die hard PC user. I was beginning the process of building my own dream pc when my brother in law bought an iMac. I made fun of him for a week and then after using it a couple of times went out and bought a MacBook Pro. OS X is great. Don’t think I could ever go back to Windows.

  17. I have built my own computers and my most recent one has Vista Ultimate installed in it.I had some problems with it at first but as each day passes it gets better and better.With the hardware used Xp Pro would out preform the Vista OS,but since I’m not a gamer I experience little in the way performance issues.I had to get drivers for my video card and some other updates for the software I use but other than that I have had no real issues with Vista.I recall people didn’t warm up to Xp at first either,so I say give it time and see where it goes.In my opinion Vista is unfairly maligned and people who own Macs seem to enjoy bashing PCs,why?I know that Macs are less able in terms of functionality as Windows OSs and can be awful slow in getting things done so what is it about Macs that make their owners like them so ?The childish T.V. ads that Apple puts out are humorous and not exactly accurate mainly because what they don’t tell the public-they are no more secure than Windows or Linux OSs and can’t do nearly as much.Mac or PC? Which one to use?Windows has more in the way of third party software and hardware that rips the life out of any Mac and on the plus side for Mac it has fewer hackers trying to kill it -which makes it look more secure.Which one is right for you?I’ll stick with windows Vista and remain open to the Mac OS as both have their uses.We need the competition for things to evolve so kudos to Apple and Microsoft for making computers something we can all use and enjoy. Bob

  18. Vista is a display of Microsoft trying to hard (as stated by Ian on the 29th)

    it is like watching someone with muscular dystrophy trying to sprint a mile, no matter how hard they try, they eventually get slower and slower.

  19. O wait – a reason to buy Vista – they finally changed the “What you can do with this version of Windows” texts in the install 🙂

    They had to delete it all 🙂

  20. Hey Bob…

    How much did your boss pay you to write that?

    “I know that Macs are less able in terms of functionality”

    You got any examples, other than blanket assertions with no evidence?

    This is just precious:

    “because what they don’t tell the public-they are no more secure than Windows”

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Macintosh users (and basically anyone else that doesn’t use Windows) can surf the ‘net with impunity, not caring one whit about drive-by installs and not caring that the spammed mail attachment is a Windows executable (and by default all other sane OSes don’t assign executability to files unless _assigned_ by the user, _especially_ when it comes in off the wire).

    I had some hopes for Longhorn aka Vista, and Jim Allchin even _said_ that it was a “total rewrite,” but the results are simply more of the same. You guys are stuck with the same bogus design decisions that make Windows a gigantic security hole for the next 5 or 7 years. Good luck with that.


  21. Listen Vista isn’t all that bad, you guys just complain way to god damned much. It doesn’t crash and true some things don’t run on it very well but if you were smart, which I’m assuming most of you weren’t, you would install BOTH Vista and XP on different partitions just in case. Besides if you were dumb enough to actually BUY it within the first 2-3 years then its your OWN damn fault for being such a moron. Of course its going to be filled with bugs its WINDOWS. But you can just download it (which i did) and now i have a free completely legitimate version of Windows Vista x86 Ultimate (including all and any updates/extras) and all it cost me was 2.52 GB of bandwith so STOP whining and USE YOUR BRAIN, YOU HAVE IT FOR A REASON!!!

  22. I have Windows XP installed for 4 years. I will NEVER get Visa and I have Ubuntu Linux installed on my 2nd disk drive. I am happy with both!

  23. Vista stands for: VIRTUALLY IT’S SH** TO ALL! I have had to reactivate my new Acer machine twice since it first activated. The liscene’s # is of no interest to Microsoft, obvious you don’t need a liscene! The validation tool keeps losing my validity and makes me call with the nine box crap which needs to be typed in twice. The numbers can’t be reused as they are no good when Microsoft questions the validity of your machine! So back to ZERO! That is where VISTA is, Stay with XP!

  24. its soooo funny that everybody thinks their thing that works will work for everybody else if they try it. i use an XP because i know how it works, my friend uses vista because he bought it pre-installed and he wants to be able to play halo 2, my other friend uses a mac because thats the first one he got, and he does a lot of video editing. frankly i would want one of each, and just link them so i could do it all, and not have to worry if one goes off line.

  25. #
    Syona said,

    on August 12th, 2007 at 9:49 am

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they sue Microsoft… after all, he was provoked!

    But I think he has destroyed the evidence!

  26. Hey Linux Abuser. You bashed bob because he said macs are just as safe as a machine running windows. You listed all the reasons why windows isnt safe, and its because a hacker can make one malicious program and it covers 95% of the computers out there. If 95% of computers were macs and it was even worth a hackers time i guarantee you it would be the other way around

    funny page for the pc users

  27. Having Vista is (for a gamer like me) like Tank with an 130000 hps motor, It will run fast, but consumes way to much resources, And since all good games are realaesed with DX9-Option, i will not change. After years of betatesting it is now a stable and secure platform (having it configurated well,of course). It is ways better than 98/Me which used to bluescreen
    randomlya and better suited for multimedia-content than 2000.

    Ubuntu? I tried but there are no games (exeptions Neverwinter Nights or doom3) for linux and i don’t want to have to figure out how to use those emulators work, for i want a userfreindly OS, and not one where i have to search forums first before changing something. For office work it is still fine and beryl makes it look a lot like Vista.

    MacOS? Dont need one, here again no good/many games.Macs are like solar.driven cars with an autopilot but they only drive on 5% of the roads.

    Console? I’ll think about it, but having to play ego.shooter or RTS Game with an controler makes me feel crippled.

  28. I bought a gateway laptop with vista and it crashed the first time I turned it on. It came with 512 megs of ram and how ever in the world they installed vista on this machine had to of been a miracle??? Anyway my first week with the laptop and vista has probably been my most painful experience with windows and probably because for what ever reason gateway decided to underpower the machine. I have since upgraded the ram and have not experienced any crashes. The system is slow and hopefully microsoft will address this with a new sp.

    I love all os’s but I need to run a plethora of progs so the knod go’s to windows… Didn’t wanna ever run vista because after checking minimal specs I knew it’s be a crap shoot but in my industry i’d better know how vista operates by experiencing my self and the biggest surprise to me was that google desktop was already installed and embedded into ie’s browser. That threw me for a loop until I loaded up my favorite browser firefox and attempted to load some microsoft software and register and of course I couldn’t do that with firefox…. Who would of known microsoft is still in the anti competitive business practice game

  29. I ended up with Vista when we upgraded from an eight year old Pentium running Windows 98. My only irritant with Vista so far is that my new HP all-in-one USB printer/scanner keeps disconnecting (as reported by Vista) and then reconnecting. I took out most of the fluff that was installed along with the drivers and it behaves better than before. Until that, it would disconnect and connect up as a new instance and thus require driver installation. We lost several print jobs that way.

    At the risk of showing some bias, I work with IBM iSeries systems all day and know what a class operating system is. Vista has a looong way to go to be considered world class. And Office 2007? Ugh!!

  30. You all have it all backwards.

    I have a vista laptop, a hand-built XP desktop that shreds, and a mac for the clients that are too hip for school.

    Here;s the deal:

    It is the musician that makes the music… not the instrument.

    Ask the old blues men, and the Jazz cats. If you think your equipment is the problem…… you are wrong.

    It’s you.


  31. I remember almost identical coments being made about XP and how much better Win98 was. Supprisingly When Win98 came out it was terrtible and people would never upgrade from Win95. This is all said because the hardware companys have not released fully compatable drivers (Not Microsofts Fault and not a problem with Vista) also I run Vista and IE has no problems. Not different to those I experienced on Win XP. You will all be forced at somepoint to upgrade to Vista, and when Microsoft release there next operating system you will all hate that, and refuse to upgrade.
    Also remember the alternatives. Linux is in now way better than Windows, and anything that Apple create is useless.

  32. Wow I wish I could help some of these people who seem to have trouble grasping the simple interface of Windows Vista. And also here is a big hint for all of you people who can’t run your software in Vista. Just right click, properties, then choose compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have been running Vista comfortable since its release using old and new software and hardware.

    I just ask that everyone tries out Vista and doesn’t become one of the thousands of that decide to instantly hate it because it looks different(doesn’t that sound familar).

  33. i find it odd how (almost)everyone despises Vista.

    I’ve had it running on my custom rig for almost 5 months now, and I haven’t had any problems with it.

    My only complaint is that I wish 1 gig of ram would do more for it than simply operate the system.

    thank god for cheap ram on tigerdirect.

  34. All you guys who say you are running Vista and have never had any problems are lying plain and simple. All liars will have their place in Hell. For GodÅ› sake tell the truth. That OS is a piece of junk. I know. Been there. Done that. So start telling the truth before you screw up somebodyÅ› life.

  35. Ordered a brand new computer from Dell about 10 months ago with vista pre installed; as soon as I started using it I got the blue screen of death. To this day after 100 updates from microsoft I still get the blue screen at least once a week, and I barely use the thing. I had to replace my laptop just before christmas; I got xp installed.

  36. i just recently down graded to XP, not by choice, but because Vista took a shit on itself while installing SP1 and it would not boot. After reinstalling Vista, it kept telling me that i couldn’t view (any) files, including my computer, because i had no firewall enabled. (wrf?!) So i reinstalled it AGAIN, and it currupted my hard drive :). So after getting a new hard drive, i busted out the handy dandy XP disk and every things been cool. I would kill for a Mac book though, they’re just too pricey for me.

    But I think Vista could be good, it has the potential to be as good as XP, and remember XP has 3 SP’s and Vistas only has one, one that kills computers…of course. 😀

  37. I would like to note that I spend about half my time running linux and the other half on windows.

    I don’t know about you guys but I have had far more issues with linux distributions than I have had with xp and vista. Any linux at this time can not touch windows in terms of games. I have never had to deal with a BSOD on a windows machine. However the $0 price tag on linux distos like ubuntu make up for any hassles and honestly the main reason I even use windows still is for games and 3d modeling. Windows does everything well, and is the best gaming OS out at this time.

  38. Wow, mac fanboys are all over this thread. Really Vista has madew great strides, as far as the performance vs. XP…. Duh? it’s only like a 1/2 a decade older, Vista was designed to be on current technologies. XP I can install on an 800Mhz system. OSX is ok if you’re willing to get robbed to buy the hardware. Nix is nice too if you don’t want to run 90% of the software out there. I personally prefer the Ubuntu distro, it’s pretty simple to handle. OSX is an over glorified BSD. Vista is nice if you have the hardware, XP is nice for systems that don’t have the juice.

  39. Wow (Not really) but why take it out on the computer, he should have shot the vista cd, then installed Linux. Linux> BSD> XP >Mac (Half the code is copied from BSD for all you stupid Mac lovers)> Windows ME> Vista

  40. Everything new from Windows gets blasted. When XP came out everyone complained about it. The next OS from Windows will be blasted with user saying don’t upgrade stick with Vista. Why isn’t anyone standing up for 98 anymore?

    Windows 3.1 is where its at. Mmmmmmmm, 3.1 I will never leave you.

  41. Vista’s OK if you get a new computer with it pre-installed. It’s better not to try to upgrade from XP. Basically my rule of thumb on XP to Vista: If it aint’t broke, don’t fix it. A compter more than 18 months old is generally happier with XP. A newer one is generally happier with Vista.

  42. I’d recommend PClinuxOS — my laptop is picky, and for some reason ubuntu won’t install. I generally use XP home, with firefox, and I have a Wubi install of ubuntu

  43. Look, if you’re too fucking stupid to run Vista, stick with XP, Linux or a frigging Mac.

    And stop moaning. Vista works fine if you have more than two brain cells to rub together, which clearly some of you don’t!

  44. Few things:

    1. Macs are good for 4 things
    a. Producing Music
    b. Producing Movies
    c. Bragging about how you bought a system that is 4x more expensive but, yet only does two things better than a PC.
    2. If you do decide to switch from Vista to Xp from a new computer. Check to see if your hardware has XP Drives. ATI and Nvidia have started to only make Vista drives for their new hardware.
    3. The reason why Macs don’t have viruses. No one who owns a Mac is smart enough to make one. They are no more secure than PCs, I promise you. If a PC owner gets a Mac and writes a virus, it would probably hit 98% of Macs due to the stupidity of about 98% of Mac owners.
    4. Macs have few games (That are good).
    5. Microsoft is making a branch called “Games for Windows”, it is a desperate ploy to get people to switch to Vista early.
    6. Microsoft did not purposely mess up Vista. Their problem is that they pushed it out too fast and gave no chance for software and hardware developers to adapt. About 97% of all complaints about Vista are about hardware or software not working correctly. The other 3% are just dumbasses who want a reason to complain.
    7. Windows is known for power.
    Mac is known for beauty.

    Which one would you like?
    8. If you think about Windows, Mac and all flavors of Linux are all about equal. They all have their advantages, they all have their disadvantages. There will NEVER be a “perfect” OS. No matter what anyone does, it will never happen. The only way to install a perfect OS is shooting your computer a lot in the hard drive. That way, your stupidity can not infect the internet more than it all ready has.

    Everyone with half of a brain understands that there will never be a perfect OS. And for those who think that Lunix is an OS or that Macs are more secure than PCs. Please. Please, for the love of God, install that “pefect” OS I described immediately.

  45. He missed once? He should be jailed just for wasting a bullet that should have gone into the Vista machine.

  46. The Police man missed because the first shot was a warning shot… Er it was supposed to go in the air. No he shot out windows in the distance….

  47. Really? Get a mac? Why drop $1200+ on something that is almost identical hardware wise to a $700 PC only for it to be even more proprietary than a HP or Sony which is still far better and cheaper sadly. For the stick with XP people you should actually think of upgrading your ancient P.O.S. so it can actually handle Vista. Oddly Ultimate X86 works perfectly on my little lappy. Finally to the Ubuntu fanboys, get a real linux distro. Ubuntu is linux for noobs so do a favor and try Fedora 10 in about a week or better yet you could use Debian which is what Ubuntu is based on.

  48. Would the Linux geeks just shut up? Windows 95 blows Linux out of the water. There’s a damned good reason no one would pay for an imitation OS. If you’re too dumb to figure out Vista, stop using a computer. Mine works flawlessly on a $700 lappy. Never even have to reboot it!

  49. macs are useless for the real world, and linux doesnt have enough product support yet, i dual boot ubuntu and xp pro, while i like ubuntu, none of my vital programs will run on it…sure it reads, pdf’s, websites, and media, but when i use a computer its for engineering analysis and design..and guess what? all the programs are written for windows….with a lil bit of tweaking, an xp machine is as fast and good as any OS..sry mac…i dont want to have to send in my whole comp when a single component breaks..and i want it to be upgradeable…pc ftw

  50. As a part-time computer repair tech, I can understand this guy’s anger, but not his response. Vista works great for some, hitchy for others, and horribly for yet others. Unubtu or similar is obviously superior, but most people don’t have the time or desire to learn what’s required to run an Ubuntu box. I recommend to my clients that if Vista is giving them trouble, stick with XP (prefer Pro) until Windows 7 comes out, and hope for the best.

  51. I’m always a little bewildered when I read these Vista horror stories. I don’t have any problems with it. There were a couple minor driver issues early on, but that was it. SP1 has been rock-solid. Granted I don’t use IE for anything more than testing compatibility when building websites.

    Linux doesn’t work as well with my monitor+TV setup, or it could give Windows a run for the money. So for now I multi-boot.

  52. Sounds like a bad install. I’ve never, EVER had a problem with Vista.

    I have a game which is going on ten years old and works perfectly with Vista.

  53. umm, i haven’t had so much of a problem with vista…. sure, with one gig its slow.. but yeah, once i get the 4 gigs of ram that i want (i play games) and a better graphics card (hp doesn’t supply shit) i know it’ll be prolly the best comp ive had. ok, so i went from windows 2000 to vista, but still. Im running vista home basic 32 bit, have a dual core 2.1 ghz amd athlon, idk bout the graphics card, and two sticks of 512 ram. sure, i can’t run sim theme park, but hey, that was made YEARS ago.. i’d still like to play it tho..

  54. I have fedora 9 and xp pro on a hp 1.8g laptop. All it takes is a LOT of patience and hopefully no firearms nearby and it could be done.

    To Cameron about the skills. Well said.

  55. I’ve been running Vista on my 2gb RAM laptop for what, a year now. The only times I’ve had it crash on me is either because I let the battery run too low, or I was running waay too many apps. I’ve had the blue screen of death once. When you compare that to my old XP computer, that one had a blue screen of death about once a week.

    “Vista is clearly the worst piece of software even Micro$oft has ever released. It seems that, anything that worked fairly well in XP, had to be changed for something that does not work at all. Anything else had to be hidden in a new location so you can’t find anything.” -Jim Smith
    The reason why they changed the location of things, (and it wasn’t much to be honest) was because it makes it quicker to find what you’re looking for. Once you get used to it that is, and it took me, about a week to get used to it. If they didn’t juggle things around, then we’d still have Windows Explorer from Windows95. And we all know how shitty that was, even though it worked perfectly at the time.

    And I have yet to see Vista “not work at all”.

  56. Did I hear a big juicy Ubuntu? Wonder why microsoft doesn’t just bring out DOS v8 or something, and at least give out something that works…

    I have been ubuntu for quite a while, never going back to microsoft… Remember, with Linus standing with you, who can stand against?

  57. I don’t like Vista, but I am not that crazy upset over it. Though I did feel like shooting my son’s PC when I had to re-image it with Windows XP and none of the driver’s worked.

  58. Seriously you blame the OS for this crazy bat shit insane user? He could of injured or killed someone with that stray bullet. If you do not know enough to say fix something as simple as a parity error then you should stay away from installing new OSes yourself.

    Linux: You think your so cool that you want to use open source drivers but after 2 hours of it not working you cave and use the proprietary drivers if they have any. Don’t let a fan boy deceive you emulation will never run even 75% as good as the original native platform and that is being generous.

    Mac Osx: You will never admit to the kernal panics/system errors you encounter it will always be something that you or some third party software did to break it and there are more viruses then you think a surprising amount of ad-ware as well.

    Windows: Stop playing that damn game and get some work done. You will not encounter the problems other platform users assert happen every 5 seconds but stupidity on your part could put your system in a bad place more true on this platform but to some extent this applies to all.

    I use windows and Linux and I now prefer Vista as it has stabilized but I have to say the Windows 7 beta has me impressed with the improvements made over Vista. I do have access to Macs and I just don’t like it as much.

  59. i’m a dumb kid from a 3rd world country. i cant afford osx, nor an apple for that matter. i love vista. been using it since 2006. rc2 i think. i have no computer training and i must say that vista is better than xp. now win7 is in the air and im dual booting win 7, vista, osx and backtrack 3 now. for those losers who are jumping in the windows7 bandwagon, you guys should know that you people are the lowest of the lows… you hate vista but loves windows 7. hypocrites. its 85% identical to vista, the only problem was, you diots were too caught up in the circus conjured up by certain bald dick, switch to a fruit… bla bla bla…. until you dont see what vista really was, *general herding mentality* – one sheep says vista sucks and all you M@#$!uckers agreed. (whitout actually really have used a vista machine)……i dont get it why it is ok for some os to be sold on expensive hardware…. but when microsoft tries to put a minimum requirement for vista, it was an uproar…. well windows 7 is just a way for microsoft to give vista a second “first impression”

    for tux fanboys, you are worst than the fruit fanboys…at least they have money. maybe you guys can score when it comes to fast booting ala splashtop,ios,xpud. but leave the serious stuff to real os’s.

    osx, what have i to say, having experenced g4 quicksilver back in 1900s, all i can say is, fruit machines are appliances that are meant to do things they are meant to while they were built. they work but they do crash and kernel panics kills.

    well there goes my pointless rant. i took the easy way out. install everything and have the best of all worlds.

  60. p/s:
    if a dumb kid from a 3rd world country(who is neither white, educated nor privileged) can configure a vista system, what do youu have to say about yourselves?
    its down to the old geek jargon PEBCAK
    Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard!!
    kill yourself and leave vista alone.

  61. So THIS is where the macfan boys come to have a wanking session. Sorry to hear about Steve bob a job’s new phone crashing at a conference because everyone was using too much wi-fi to let it work. Oh I hear iShit will soon let you use more than one application at a time some time soon….

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