Low light performance video comparison of Sony A7s vs Panasonic GH4 vs Canon C100 vs 5D Mark III

Sony A7s vs GH4 vs C100 vs 5D Mark III low light
The the low light tests with the Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4, Canon C100 and Canon 5D Mark III were done by Onyx Cinema guys Colin Pregent, Marcus Valerio, and Michael Shu. Instead of just raising the ISO and bringing up the scene’s brightness, they balanced out exposure so they could be sure to see the noise in the mid tones and shadows of their videos.

Please make a person note that these are totally unscientific tests, and their goal was to run through each camera very fast to see how they behave with popular/default settings, and what choices can be made based off of the team’s results.

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