LG Incite – Uninstall Programs Applications – How To

LG Incite mobile phone uninstall processes are not complicated. Here is the way you can choose to uninstall Programs or Applications according to situation/setup. This my fix your LG Phone Problem.

Best way to uninstall Apps Using ActiveSync LG-Incite information.
For Windows XP and below users will want to use the ActiveSync program.
Once downloaded and installed on your desktop ActiveSync uninstalls are one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted programs, simply follow the directions below:

1. Just connect your LG Incite to ActiveSync
2. Click on the “Tools” option
3. Click Add/Remove Programs
4. At this point you’ll see a screen that lists all of your devices programs, each program will have a check box to the left of the programs name and all of your programs will have a check mark located next to their names.
5. Take out the check mark in each program box you’d like to uninstall.
6. Click “OK”

You LG Incite will take a few seconds to uninstall the unwanted Windows Mobile Apps you chose and then you’re done.

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