LG 52LG70 / 47LG70 /42LG70 / 32LG70 LCD Reviews And Info

LG70 LCD TV is the higher series in LG’s LCD fleet. This 2008 series has 1080P resolution with a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with the 120mhz Trumotion. The LG70 series comes in the following sizes of 32-inches(32LG70), 42-inches (42LG70), 47-inches (47LG70), and 52-inches (52LG70). LG is aiming this line towards the home theater enthusiast with their best performance 1080P and smooth motion 120hz picture.

LG70 series have a very attractive black high gloss bezel that hides the speakers. Connectivity will not be problem with ample four HDMI 1.3 ports. The LG71 series is similar to the LG70 series by having the same specifications but has extra wireless connectivity that uses a 802.11n wireless system.

LG is edging into their own niche of beautifully looking bezels. Although the picture performance is not as good as the higher models of the Samsungs and Sony’s, LG is a little more budget conscious. When it comes to sales, the LG TV’s seem to be more discounted than the other mainstream competitors, which gives even greater incentives for the consumer.

LG70 LCD HDTV Series
(Sizes: 32-, 42-, 47- and 52-inches)
The Full HD 1080p LG70 series units are ideal for home theater enthusiasts. The elegant “teardrop” design is augmented by LG’s hidden speaker system, soft touch controls, clean lines and a distinctive color accent to create a truly premium HDTV experience.

The LG70 series also incorporates an ultra-high 20,000:1 contrast ratio, and Full HD 1080p resolution. It also features LG’s Intelligent Sensor to automatically calibrate programming in any room setting for a higher-quality viewing experience; and is ISFccc certification ready for detailed calibration.
• 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
• TruMotion 120Hz
• Four HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color
• USB 2.0 jack for viewing JPEG media or listening to MP3 files
• Clear Voice technology to provide high-quality dialogue when background noise swells
• LG SimpLinkTM connectivity to control other LG SimpLink-compatible equipment

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