iPod Touch Tips Tricks Info And Help


Here are a few iPod Touch tips and tricks that aren’t so common. Some of these iPod Touch functions you may already know but take the time to look through and you might find a Apple in the tree.

* On Safari, while scrolling through a long page, tap the bar at the top of your screen containing the time and battery and Safari will automatically scroll up to the top of the page.

* Double clicking the home button in any application, or with the screen off will bring up the music controls.

* To completely exit an application to save battery power. Press and holding the home button for approximately 5-8 seconds. This will help boost battery life if you run lots of different apps regularly.

* Holding down letters on the keyboard for an extra second will pop up some extra symbols associated with those letters. After it pops up, slide your finger over to the symbol you like and let go.

* When you are in the Mail app’s inbox view, slide your finger from left to right on a message and a ‘delete’ button will appear.

* When typing a lot of text in Safari turn it to horizontal view. The keyboard will be larger have a larger gap between each letter allowing for fewer errors while typing.

* When viewing a website in Safari, if you want to check the URL of a link before clicking it, hold your finger on the link and a bubble will appear showing the URL that the link is tied to.

* A quick way to open a link in a new window in Safari is to open a new page, tap the bookmarks icon, tap the history folder and then just click on the last page you were on.

* If you do make a type while typing just hold down and a bubble will appear allowing you to find the exact spot where you made the mistake.

* Double tapping the space bar will insert a period.

* In Google Maps, double tapping zooms in and single tapping with two fingers zooms out.

* when watching a movie press pause and press forward and hold it down and this will make your video go slow motion to fast forward. Just don’t press pause before you do it.

* Screen Shooting: hold down the sleep button and then press home. Your screen should flash white and a new picture should appear in your photos.

* When in sleep mode, tap the home button twice to bring up the embedded music controls.

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