Insta360 One Camera Brings Bullet Time 4K Resolution Effects Cheap 7K Photos

Insta360 One Camera Review Video
The new to release Insta360 One Camera Brings Bullet Time Fetures in 4K Resolution with 7K 24mp photos output. Available now for iPhone 7, iPone 6 plus, and Android to come later.

24MP (7K) 360 photos; 4K HD videos; 4K 360 live-streamimg; optical flow stitching; 120fps high-speed shooting mode unlocks the “bullet time” effect.
6-axis stabilization for stable, sharp and clear image.
SmartTrack and Free capture functions keep the subject you select in the center frame and conceal the purpose-built selfie stick.
Connect with smartphone via Lightning or Bluetooth 4.0; use it independently or mount it on a tripod/drone/helmet/waterproof housing/selfie stick/suction-cup base.
Powerful companion app and free editing and player software.

The Insta360 ONE shoots 360 photo and video, at resolutions of 4K and 24 MP. Together with the optical flow image stitching, it significantly advances Insta360’s image quality and adaptability. Three modes of operation are available: standalone use, remote control via Bluetooth, and control via direct Lightning connection.

The Insta360 ONE introduces groundbreaking FreeCapture technology. You can effortlessly hone in on the key moments of a spherical video, transferring the original 360 footage into a standard 1080p fixed-frame video that’s ready to share anywhere. You can also seamlessly shift from standard perspectives to the unique shots that are only possible with 360 cameras, such as “tiny planet” and “rabbit hole” effects.

The slow-motion mode and advanced stabilization algorithm work together to achieve the Bullet-time effect. You can start your own epic shots with no hassle.

Concealed Selfie Stick
After attaching the ONE to a purpose-built selfie stick, the stick will be automatically erased from the footage. Once the stick’s out of the picture, the ONE works like a flying camera – capturing stunning 360 views from an overhead angle.

Easily Edited with Free App
An all can be realized through the multiple shooting modes and the powerful in-app editor right on your smart phone. Whoever you are, a hobbyist, a journalist or an outdoor adventurer, it can effectively act as your own camera crew.

Insta360 ONE x1, Micro USB cable x1, Protective case x1, 8G Micro SD card x1, String x1, 1/4 Connector x1

Basic Specs
Photo: 24 MP (6912*3456)
Video: 3840*1920@30fps, 2560*1280@60fps, 2048*512@120fps
Live-streaming: 360 live-streaming on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope

iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone 6/6 plus, iPad Pro(9.7-inch), iPad Pro(12.9-inch), iPad Air 2

You can find the Insta360 ONE 360 Camera on Amazon soon here.

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