How to manually correct white balance on DSLR for best results

How to manually correct white balance DSLR
Best video tutorial for how to set up white balance on your DSLR camera to shoot for great results.

Digital cameras record the scene as they see it. This is why, in tough lighting conditions, you must manually set the white balance to get the result we want. This is also why, for you to get the results of the optimum color, you usually have to tell the camera the color temperature of the light being broadcast on to the work area.

Light is made up of the three primary colors ? red, green and blue. These colors are present at varying degrees in all light sources. So for example, tungsten lights have more red in them than fluorescent lights, which are greener. This proportion of colors is measured as the color temperature.

When you are shooting your images in any mode other than RAW, the camera will post-process the image to make the colors in the scene as accurate as possible. However, this is not always as easy as it seems ? the color temperature of the light falling onto the scene affects the way the camera sees the colors and, unlike our brains, it does not automatically correct it. For example, with no correction, a white wall photographed under tungsten lighting will appear very yellow, and under a fluorescent light will look very green. This is why most digital cameras have the ability to set the white balance to suit the ambient light, no matter how complex the lighting conditions are on your scene.

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