How To Make High Quality YouTube Videos With Sony Vegas

This is a video tutorial on how to make the best looking high quality videos to upload to YouTube. you

The adjustments shown in the video can be used with any version of Sony Vegas from 5 or newer. The lighting and contrast of your personal videos can very greatly so play with your setting a few times at first to get a better feel of what works best for you.

640×480 output looks great on your computer, but when you upload it to YouTube, it gets highly distorted in the resizing process. YouTube’s video resizing program is fast but works horribly. Please stick to 320 X 240 video output size.

2 thoughts on “How To Make High Quality YouTube Videos With Sony Vegas

  1. Thank you Mr. Safety!

    YouTube’s guidelines for posting videos have been less than helpful, and I have been pulling my hair out discovering that no matter how high quality I output my MPEG-4s (their “preferred” format), they look exactly the same as the lowest quality MPEG-4s I output. I hope this will work. Whether it works or not, I appreciate you making this to give some guidance on how to post a decent-looking video.

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