Giant Robot Duel Video Replay With Mike Goldberg Doing Play By Play

Giant Robot Duel Video Replay With Mike Goldberg
Ex-UFC commentator Mike Goldberg gives us the play-by-play for the battle between USA and Japan. The main event Giant Robot Duel bout was between MEGABOTS, INC (USA) And SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRY (Japan).

MegaBots Inc stated that the duel consisted of “multiple rounds of fighting,” and in order to give the teams time to fix their bots, the fighting rounds were carried out over several days. These delays caused fight time gaps and “could not be live streamed like a traditional sport.” The robot battles were held in an abandoned steel mill in Japan, with no spectators aside from the two sets of engineers.

Commentary and play-by-play was provided by Mike Goldberg of UFC fame and robotics expert Saura Naderi.


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