How To Fix Pairing Connection Problems With Nikon D5600 SnapBridge

Nikon D5600 connection problems
If you are having issues connecting to your Nikon D5600 by way of SnapBridge this will help you get tethered. Before you start make sure you have the latest firmware on your D5600 camera. Download the Nikon SnapBridge to your smartphone from the App Store for iPhone or Google play for Android.

Once you are finished using the app, unpair your device in the app itself (End Pairing) then select forget this device from the bluetooth options under General Settings on your phone of tablet. You could even have to shut off then turn your camera back on to initiate the paring process again.

The remote D5600 camera function is very basic, just touch focus and shutter release function. You can download your images to the smartphone and tag their location, plus sync the camera clock with the the smartphone also.

The video below shows how to connect with a Nikon D500 but the steps for the D5600 are exactly the same.

You can find Nikon D5600 accessories here on the cheap.

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  1. My Nikon Camera Unable to connect Snapbridge App.I already download the apps,when I wanna to connect the apps , there writing connection failed .Then I reapeated the steps again and again but still same .

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