Diaper Wearing Gears Of War Players Shut Down Tournament

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Fort Collins C.O.(FP)-Saturday a large underground video game tournament featuring the popular Xbox 360 game Gears Of War came to a surprising end.

Among the sixty plus competitors was a very determined team of young adults and one teenager who were equipped with disposable adult diapers. Security for the rented warehouse was forced to remove one of the players after others complained of the septic tank like smells coming from a nearby 16 year old gamer.

The team had the intention of only using the diapers for an emergency trip but after the 16 year old had consumed five cans of a caffeine loaded drink called a Spike Shooter he claimed he just couldn’t hold it. And “it” being the worst kind or it. Being the dedicated gamer he was he just tried to ignore his accident.

Nearby competitors felt it hard to overlook his slip up and asked him to be removed. After being removed from the tournament her proceeded to call local law enforcement and complain about his ejection not realizing he had attended an illegal paid gathering.

Upon arrival officers dispersed the tournament and issued fines. No arrests were made.

26 thoughts on “Diaper Wearing Gears Of War Players Shut Down Tournament


  2. What a noob. Sounds like people in Fort Collins have nothing better to do then gather at a Gears of War Lan Party. Tell those kids to get a life and stop charging noobs to hold it to be cool. Weak Sauce!!!

  3. Sorry, no–

    If you can’t manage your own anus, you’ve got no business playing with adults or near-adults. Or anybody above pre-school age. If there’s no toilet available, find a damn bush. I’ll wait. Really.

  4. if i ever got to the stage of wearing diapers, id put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger. I dont care if he was 16 or 60, this little shitter should do the same. Suicide is awesome.

  5. Sounds like someone needs to get laid.
    Or at the very least a life. To crap your pants just to play a game, thats just sad.

  6. heh, i just craped my pants a little reading that..

    *hits pause and runs to the bathroom*

  7. I think this is a natural progression for gamers. After all, this kid is hardcore. He’d rather be humiliated in real life than be pwned in game life. The only problem was that he didn’t plan for odor retention. I hear Think Geek is selling adult-size diapers that block game-distracting odors and are infused with caffeine too!

  8. If i ever compete in a video game tournament I’ll blow my brains out of my ass into a diaper. Video games are good sh!t but there’s more important things the lan parties like……………………..Um I dont know, VAGINA, FIND SOME YOU LOSERS

  9. Well, well, what do we have here? A bunch of people telling other people to get a life. On a gamer website. In a comments part. They, talking about life. Is it just me, or there is something very, but VERY sarcastic about that.

  10. wow, he shoulda gone inbetween rounds. What an idiot. However i bet he regrets it and the people who kicked him out regret the fact they all got fined and kicked out as well.
    oh el oh

  11. god you’re mostly a bunch of assholes arent you? most people would disagree in the “Life” comments of you dumbfucks. not everyone wants to go out to bars and find drunk chicks to give them herpigonaesiphalaids. esspecially since they’re only attracted to the assholes who cant stop talking about how they scored 6 touchdowns in one game on madden 07. god yuo folks need to get a life outside of your own egos

  12. he shit his diaper. haahaha hahahaha ahahaha . well what the fuck do you expect if you are wearing a diaper? SHIT! If I was him and I shit my diaper, and then got kicked out cause i smelled like shit, i’d throw that fucking diaper right next to who ever kicked me out just so they could smell that shit for the rest of the day and sooner or later someone would have to remove it! fucking diaper wearing lan boy, isn’t that illegal in the gameing community? everyone else has togo the bathroom while he just gets to shit his pants.. cheating shitter

  13. ugh wow who cares if its an Ian or not FUCKING RACEST PEACES OF SHIT!!!! I BET IF YALL LIVED IN A PLACE WITH IANS THEY WOULD KICK YALLS ASS!!! word……. and who cares if that boy shits there pants they gotta go they gotta go… so what put him back in diapers for all i care…

  14. its awsome he pooped his diaper
    i like playing video games in nothing only my diaper its cool

  15. that kid was a total dumbass, if ya feel like you need to be a baby and shit your pants then don’t come to a freakin gaming convention, ya idoitotic kid, go back to daycare or something.

  16. leave the diaper boys alone if they want to shit there diaper let them there the ones that have to SMELL like shit and they will have to clean there self

  17. After reading all the coms above: I’m ROTF LOL, but some of you have never been left in a position of being there – IT WAS CRAPPY – & the air was bad already (no venting & Bad BO).

    Why can’t LAN gamers learn to bathe first before coming to these functions? Think about it; it’s a fact of conditioning, we are getting used to worse ???

    At least he was wearing a diaper – next time I hope he brings his own chair too.

    Oh yeah – consider all the professions where “diapers” are a good idea – yeah! GAMING is one. So he had an accident, can you imagine someone pointing their finger at you because you had an unfortunate occurance – and then have people such as yourselves POINTING? & snickering like pre-schoolers learning to be pooty trained to someone elses standards?

  18. hey, leave the dude alone, so he wears diapers, BIG DEAL, just get a brand that conceals odors next time and dont drink so much caffine, imple and effective.
    I also agree with wd50, maybe everyone else could at least put on some deoderant for christs sake, none want to smell either of those smells.
    Just sayin.

  19. I’m not a die hard diaper wearing gamer like some of these guys, but I do play, and I’m paralyzed. My friends get pissed when they literally have to take a piss and I don’t. It may sound stupid but we gamed before my accident and they’ve never treated me any different. I use a open ended condom cath, attached to a leg tube that empties into a leg bag. As far as taking a shit, I can’t help you there other than give up the controller and have a little self respect….. or not.

  20. ugh… some of you here seem to be total JERKS… and some FEW of u seem to be reasonable people… Ever think of those who might have incontinence? maybe a weak bladder or weak bowels even? I have a weak bladder and sometimes have weak bowel moments… and i wet myself at times… BUT, can i help it? not really… so think about those like me who are partially incontinent or fully incontinent… WE CAN’T HELP IT! so think about some medical reasons that could possibly be present as with me being an example…

    as they say, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…

  21. I’m not really a gamer but i’m a diaper shitter and pisser in public and in private. I’m fully incontinenent required respect. Just because I use a diaper as my toilet doesn’t mean I should get kicked out. If I take a shit in public I try to change as soon as I can. If I just piss it’s not as big of a deal. HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN INCONTINENENT!!

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