Deceased Superstar Behind Painting In PS3 Game Def Jam: ICON

Def Jam Icon Ps3

Gamers find deceased superstar alive and well behind a grand painting in the new EA PS3 game Def Jam Icon.

It’s nothing new to find items hidden behind objects in video games. The twist to this one is that no one at EA claims to have know about it. The painting is in what looks to be an impossible place to get to so it is almost always left alone.

“It’s always great to be the first gamer to find an unknown item like this, says discoverer Jerome Walters. expect such a high profile player to be hidden like that. Much less a dead one.

Walters wanted to be the first one to claim the find but also wanted to keep the dead superstar’s identity a secret as long as possible to keep the search exciting for other players. When prodded to release the name he just gave the initials M.G.

One thought on “Deceased Superstar Behind Painting In PS3 Game Def Jam: ICON

  1. that’s pretty cool – so you have no idea where it is hidden?
    I can’t wait to get the game and give this a try.

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