Canon 80D vs. 70D Which Is Better And Should I Upgrade

Canon 80d vs canon 70d sale
If you are considering moving up to the new Canon 80D, but want to know if it is worth the upgrade from the older 70D first. This video will walk you through the newer features and help you with your decision.

Canon has improved both the still and video features in their upgrade from the 70D to 80D, a list of those are provided for you to look over below.

Here are those Canon 80D Upgrades:
* 60 FPS & 50 FPS at 1080p (70D only 720p at 60 FPS)
* 24.2 Mp vs. 20Mp
* New battery: LP-E6N, but is backwards compatible with regular LP-E6’s.
* Extra Custom Setting on Mode Dial
* Headphone jack added (and is now angled to help with having the screen flipped out)
* Continuous Autofocus in Live View Mode while taking stills
* 45 autofocus points vs. 19 on the 70D
* 80D adds NFC (Near Frequency Communication) to the wifi already included in the 70D
* Still has the touch screen autofocus while recording video
* Built-in mic is moved to the front
* Higher maximum ISO
* New 18-135mm kit zoom lens with Nano USM (faster AF)

Some of the thinks we expected but did not get with Canon 80D:
* No 4K Video Recording
* No Canon Log “flat” picture profile
* No Focus Peaking
* No Zebra exposure warnings
* No clean HMDI output for external recording

Canon has thoroughly re-engineered the auto focus system and how it works. Photo stills are better now and have more focus points, 45 to be fact. Now with the enhancements of the Al Servo AD II system to a 7560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor means that you can better track objects as they move through the frame. Important to note, Canon has improved the low light capability (something I have always felt was one of Canon’s weakest points) and expanded the ISO range (ISO speeds of 16000 for still photographs (expandable to 25600) and 12800 for movies (expandable to 16000, 25600).

Find the Canon EOS 80D with free shipping here. They give you various lens options or you can get just the body only.

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