Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses Explained For Panasonic Lumix, Olympus and More

Best micro four thirds lenses
If you’re a micro four thirds shooter, this video will walk your through what are the best lenses to buy and why.

With an extensive knowledge of all-things MFT (Micro-4/3) these guys give you a roundup of the best micro four thirds lenses. Beginning with kit zooms, then fisheyes, wide angle, normal, telephoto, macro and extreme telephoto birding lenses.

They answer the question of should you buy the kit lens with your next MFT body? Maybe an upgraded kit zoom? What about primes? And that most question question of all, What’s the next lens I should buy for your micro four thirds camera?”

Thanks to Doug Kaye and Gordon Laing for the great video.

Find your favorite Micro Four Thirds Lenses Here.

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