Best Lens Adapter Ring for Canon PowerShot SX50 HS and SX60 Review with Photos

best SX50 hs adapter ring
If you need to put lenses on you new Canon PowerShot SX50 HS or SX60 HS I have tried four different adapters and I will show you which worked best for me.

After trying out 2 different 67mm Lens Conversion Adapter Rings that were plastic I found they both were too loose once installed on my Canon. I was uncomfortable with the movement I got when using a lens hood and felt it may snap the attachment groves off the end of my camera.

I next bought a 58mm lens adapter ring that was a thicker plastic which held tighter to my camera but the thicker material cause vignetting. It was most visible when shooting at wider angles but not so bad with longer shots. Though the adapter fit better I could not except the vignetting I was getting.

I gave it one final try with a kit that included the lens adapter ring along with lenses and hood.lens kit

The lens adapter ring that came with the kit was much slimmer and metal. Best of all there is no vignetting. It installed with a solid click with no binding and held tight with no movement at all. I am able to take it on and off with no noticeable wear to the SX50. A much better fit than the plastic rings i have gotten before.
best SX50 hs adapter ring close

best SX50 hs adapter ring top

best SX50 hs adapter ring sideAs you can see in the image, you can mount a UV lens on the camera first and when you need it you can screw on the lens hood on top of the lens. You also have the option to screw a lens onto the outside of the hood and put the combo on at one time.

best SX50 hs adapter ring hood When installing the lens adapter ring on your Canon PowerShot SX50 HS or SX60 HS first extent the camera zoom and firmly grab the barrel, line up the slots so when you twist the ring on, the slots line up. Have the writing on the adapter facing towards the camera so when you twist on the writing ends up on top.
best SX50 hs adapter ring text
I hope this will help others from having to buy a few different rings before finding a well fit ring like I did. Here is a link to just the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Lens Conversion Adapter Ring with one lens. It has the exact same ring but with less items and cheaper. This also worked perfect with my wife’s SX60 HS.

2 thoughts on “Best Lens Adapter Ring for Canon PowerShot SX50 HS and SX60 Review with Photos

  1. I got graduated colored lens kit of 58 mm for sx50hs , can I attach them directly to the camera ?

    Klink: Only when you connect the adapter first. There are no regular threads on the camera.

  2. Thanks so much. The adapter link at the bottom worked perfect for my Canon SX60 HS. I had tried 2 others that did not fit well but that one works perfect.

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