3G vs. 4G Wireless – What is the Difference


3G vs. 4G What is the Difference? Most people know that the G stands for the generation of cellular wireless standards. But what can 4G do that 3G could not?

Many iPhone 3GS buyers are starting to fear they should have waited for the next gen iPhone 4G to hit the shelves. Is 4G going to be that much better than 3G. Here are the differences between 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5 and 4G with a good video breakdown.

30 thoughts on “3G vs. 4G Wireless – What is the Difference

  1. Awesome!! Excellent presentation…I felt like I was back in a school class : )

  2. I’m in the market to buy a Smart phone and was considering the Droid Incredible. But with this excellent explanation of the different Gs, I can now consider other phoes as well – possibly the EVO 4G. Thanks.

  3. Wonderful, terse presentation: please offer the presentation in transcript or Powerpoint–it’s very instructive.

  4. Super Helpful. thanks for taking the time. my understanding of what all the G’s mean has tippled!

  5. @Craig Mathias – I read so much about different cellular technologies on different web sites for more than a week. I understood Okay. But I watched your video and everything is very clear and it took me less than 5 minutes. You the best!
    This is gotta go on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Thanks.

  6. Excellent info! Finally, my questions are answered in a easy to understand format. Thanks very much for your help.

  7. Woo Hoo, tks, just bought a wireless usb stick, then only after got confused by the maps Telus shows throughout Canada.

    Great video, cleared everything up.

    And to think I considered myself IT support, but never ever touched on the wireless stuff, so this video is great.

  8. That was great explanation. It is helpful presentation. I know now which one to choose depends on my speed option.

  9. this is too technical for an article that comes up first in a google search.

    What most people clicking on this video want is the straight easy to understand facts:
    1) What is price difference?

    2) What can I do in 4G that I can’t do in 3G (ie, downloads, video, etc). Is it just faster speed difference + paying more money?

    These are the only reason why a normal phone user cares about, they don’t care if the phone is using a RTXABC resistor instead of a 13CS#D resistor

  10. Not much explained about latencies.
    4G is much comparable to a 10KB/S internet DSL connection when loading pages, due to it’s enormous (more than 10x larger) latency compared to a wired pc.

  11. Is the current 3.5 G the same as this thing called “3G-s”? Thanks, this was very helpful. Clear, concise and to the point. I remember the cell phone technology of the late 80’s and early 90’s 20-25 years ago. It was so crude by today’s standards. It only makes me wonder how advanced cell phone technology will be like 20 years FROM now. Wow.

  12. I am considering buying an ipad2 and wondering about the 3g or 4g version and your video will make it much easier to decide. Thanks

  13. Wow! This excellent presentation caused me to realize I’ve forgotten more than I currently know. To think I was in cellular communications in 1995, but even more amazing is I worked with 300baud modems. This could not have been for anyone outside of the technology sector though, could it?

  14. I’m not a tecchie, though I play on on TV 🙂

    Seriously, a very good presentation. I’m not “in the sector” – I’m a relatively late adopter (still using a Treo 650) but a heavy user once I adopt. This helps me to know what I’ll be getting when I finally go to a new device.

  15. Its really excellent presentation caused me to realize I’ve forgotten more than I currently know. To think I was in cellular communications in 1995, but even more amazing is I worked with 300baud modems.

  16. Thank you very much for a great information!

    I will wait for the next Iphone with 4G enabled.

  17. Well i feel that i am the Boss and that i should be honerd for it so i think this video is awesome(even though i didnt see it).

  18. On the iphone 4g, does 4g stand for the 4g internet
    speed or just cuz its the forth iphone out?

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