20 Samsung Galaxy S 4 Tips, Tricks, Help And How To Video

samsung g s 4 tips tricks help

Even if you are a past Galaxy phone owner, it’s likely you would use some of theses tips, tricks and help for the new Samsung Galaxy S 4. If you had a Galaxy S3 before and had some problems figuring out how to use all the crazy new features, these tips and ideas will defiantly help with the Galaxy S4.

Taking a screen shot easily:

It is likly you want to share what’s on your screen with some pals, and the simple way to do that is by taking a screen shot. Just simply press the power button located on the upper right side of the Galaxy S 4, and the home button at the same time. When donevcorrectly, you’ll see the screen flash and a copy of the image will be loaded into your phone gallery. 19 more ideas in the videos below.

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