Xiaomi YI 2 4k Slow Motion Test Video Footage At 240fps

Xiaomi YI 2 4k Slow Motion 240fps
Testing out the 240fps Slo-Mo video footage you get with the new Xiaomi YI 2 4k action camera. A pretty girl at the water park helps us enjoy the high definition video output from Xiaomi’s latest model of waterproof case.

The Xiaomi YI 2 4K Action Camera gives us an impact resistant Gorilla Glass 2.19″ LCD touchscreen that lets you shoot and preview with the tap of your finger. Capture high resolution videos at 4k30/1080p120/720p240 and take 12M photos using the selection of photo and video modes including Timelapse, Slow Motion, Timer, and high speed Burst modes.

Built with the latest Ambarella A9SE75 Chip and Sony IMX377 Image Sensor to support first-class image capture/encoding, low power consumption, and bright detailed image output with minimal noise even in low light conditions. Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer provides stable video even when the camera shakes, moves, or strikes an object.

The Xiaomi Yi 2 camera is on sale now here.
You can find accessories for the Xiaomi Yi 2 camera here.

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