WordPress Smiley Faces Codes – Emotions And Text Codes – How To Make

WordPress Smiley Faces Codes

Have you ever wondered how people ad those little smiley face emoticons to the end of there blog comments. Well here is how to add Smiley Faces Text Codes to a comment on a WordPress blog.

Add smiley faces to your great posts to express how you feel. Try it out and let me know what you think.

This is your list of text codes to change text into a particular emoticon.

icon text text full text icon full text
smile “:)” “:-)” “:smile:” lol “:lol:”
biggrin “:D” “:-D” “:grin:” redface “:oops:”
sad “:(” “:-(” “:sad:” cry “:cry:”
surprised “:o” “:-o” “:eek:” evil “:evil:”
eek “8O” “8-O” “:shock:” twisted “:twisted:”
confused “:?” “:-?” “:???:” rolleyes “:roll:”
cool “8)” “8-)” “:cool:” exclaim “:!:”
mad “:x” “:-x” “:mad:” question “:?:”
razz “:P” “:-P” “:razz:” idea “:idea:”
neutral “:|” “:-|” “:neutral:” arrow “:arrow:”
wink “;)” “;-)” “:wink:” mrgreen “:mrgreen:”

Please remember to add space between words and codes in order to display an emoticon. Go spread some smiles.

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