Wii Strap Breaks At Car Show Smashes Window

car window

Trier, Germany.(DP)–Klaus Mueller age (23) playing with a demo Nintendo Wii at an indoor car show got a bit carried way Friday.

A near-by man waiting in line to play the Wii next, warned Mueller about the weak straps that have been reported around the US. Mueller looked back at the man and offered to show him that it was almost impossible to break the cord. Swinging his arm violently around in a display of the straps strength, he snapped the cord sending it into the window of a Volkswagen Lupo. Embarrassed by what he had done, he apologized but still blamed Nintendo for what he called (“grobe Fahrlaessigkeit” ) gross negligence .

One thought on “Wii Strap Breaks At Car Show Smashes Window

  1. U R A MORON…..

    The straps are there for people who are stupid and not smart enough to hold a piece of plastic with batteries mind you in their hand. They were not meant to be swinging them around on the strap. If he says that Nintendo is negligent he is a IDIOT because every game that Nintendo has says the straps are a precaution not a swinging tool.

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