What is the best 4K Action Camera for the money in 2016

Best 4K action camera 2016
If you are looking for a new 4K action camera and want to know what is the best to buy in 2016 this video will help out.

XIAOMI Yi 2 4k Action Camera seems to be leading the way so far in 2016. It has been just released to many outstanding reviews. Some have giving it a better rating than the GoPro Black which has been the gold standard for quite some time now. It also comes in at half the price of the GoPro black at around $249 vs $500 retail pricing.

Here are a few FAQs take from the video guide below:

Q) Would stabilization remove the vibrations you get when you mount a camera on a bike’s handlebars
A) No – I’ve used the best in-camera stabilization (on the Sony Action cams)- and it can’t fix this problem. Handlebar vibrations are too quick and too severe.

Q) Can it record and charge at the same time?
A) Yes – this is a standard feature for all action cams I’ve tested.

Q Can the screen be turned off during recording.
A) Yes.

Q) Does the camera get hot?
A) No.

Q) Can you record and stream over WiFi at the same time?
A) Yes (this is pretty much a standard feature for WiFi connected cameras)…but as you can see in the video, there is significant lag.

Q) Battery Life in other modes
A) Roughly the same as in 4K – e.g. 1080p60, WiFi off, Screen Off – battery life = 2hrs 2mins

XIAOMI Yi 2 4k video resolution settings

The XIAOMI Yi 2 4k Camera will charge off USB, will power and record at the same time, charges over USB, charges from a standard 5V 2.1amp USB power supply, can be powered from a USB battery power pack….this is all standard spec, you’d have to hunt high and low to find any camera available anywhere in the world that couldn’t do all these things – then if you did find one – you you should definitely not buy it because you would have found a bad camera.

You can find the XIAOMI Yi 2 4k Camera here at the current lowest price.

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