This Is My Very Lazy Mailman

lazy mailman

Well to be correct, it is my very lazy mail carrier. She is required to walk the post route like every other carrier, so say the other postal workers.

Today is Tuesday which is my trash pickup day. On these days she is at her lazy peak. Since she is too lazy to get out of her mail truck she will push my trash can for up to 5 feet to be able to reach the mailbox. Often nearly tipping it over and she has already broken one of my wheels causing me to have it replaced.

I would place the can in another location if possible to save it from my lazy mail carrier but I can’t because of space issues.I have tried to talk to her but her phone seems to be surgically attached to her ear and she doesn’t here my cries for her to stop.

I hate to piss her off just before Christmas because she might take it out on my packages. Thanks for listening to me vent.

Update: The local post master got wind of this photo and came to my house and personally apologized for the driver. I told him that I wasn’t mad at the driver and in no way wanted to get her in trouble.

He did say that the route was a walking only route. They are required to park at the end of the street and walk it down and back. She should never drive it on any occasion and has been taken off my route. He said the placement of the trash can was just fine and the only way that she should skip it is if it was leaning against the door of the mailbox.

He told me that driving on the sidewalk like in the photo is prohibited and talking on the phone while driving is even more dangerous. She had already be written up for talking on the phone in the past and that was going to lead to a position change that he wouldn’t comment on any farther.

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