Sony RX100 III vs Sony A7S Camera Shootout Video Review With Test Shots And Breakdown

Sony RX100 III vs Sony A7S
A video comparison of the Sony DSC-RX100 III Digital Camera versus the Sony A7S DSLR. Also involved for fun is the iPhone 6 mobile phone. This review has side by side image comparisons and varying degrees of light and iso testing.

Timeline for how the video plays out comparing the two Sony cameras.

0:27 Introducing cameras and specs
3:00 What makes a good image? What we’re testing?
4:15 Field of view (FOV)
5:23 Details and sharpness
6:38 Focusing
7:08 Video
8:14 Slow motion (slo-mo)
9:28 Depth of field (DOF) and bokeh
10:50 Dynamic range
11:54 Image processing and details
12:30 Low light and noise
15:38 Conclusions
20:32 Which camera should you buy? My person decision.

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