Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps Digital Filter Replaces Sky HDR

PlayMemories Camera App Digital Filter
Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps 2017 just released an update to the “SKY HDR” app called ‘Digital Filter’. The new Sony app gives photographers a way to merge parts from two or three different images into a single high quality photo.

The Sony ‘Digital Filter’ app brings greater flexibility to a similar existing app called Sky HDR. Digital Filter is priced at $29.99 or $19.99 as an upgrade to Sky HDR.

Though the functionality is similar in design, the biggest change between Sky HDR and Digital Filter is that the new app supports merging sections of up to three different images, where before Sky HDR only allows for two separate exposures. Sony proclaims that, ‘The Digital Filter application offers functionality, ease of use and image quality that go beyond the features of Sky HDR.’ And it does just that. It works better than the old version, just 1/3rd better.

Digital Filter supports the following camera models below:

Alpha a7
Alpha a7 II
Alpha a7R
Alpha a7R II
Alpha a7s
Alpha a7s II
Alpha a6000
Alpha a6300
Alpha a6500
RX100 IV
RX100 V

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