Sony a7 II Preview Video With New Updates and Changes Including XAVC S

Sony A7 vs A7 II review
Sony a7 vs A7 II changes and update highlighted in this review video. The A7 II (Also goes by ILCE-A7M2 or A7M2) doesn’t incorporate a lot of updates over its predecessor, but the few it does are very noteworthy.

Sony moves from optical image stabilization to sensor-shift in A7 II. Sony put sensor-shift stabilization in its fixed-mirror dSLR-style Alphas, like the A99, but has been using OSS in all its A7 series cameras until now. We think the problem was getting manufacturers to produce full-frame OSS lenses; OSS makes lenses larger, heavier and more expensive, and bigger is not better when you’re touting a compact system. This way, you can even attach a lens like the big, heavy Zeiss Otus 85mm f1.4 (with an A-to-FE mount adapter, of course) and still get stabilization on board.

The Sony A7 II upgrades to the newer video codec, XAVC S which supports higher bit rate encoding for HD video. But, no 4K on board – Boo – you will have to go with the A7S if you want 4K.

The Sony A7 II is due to come out in early December in Japan and then roll out in Europe starting in January. The US release date is currently expected in February but that may change depending on demand. The retail price is an estimated 190,000 Yen (that’s about US $1,610).

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