Set Minimum Shutter Speed With Auto ISO Sony a6300 Aperture Priority Mode

Sony a6300 ISO auto minimum setting
This is for you if you love shooting in Aperture Priority Mode with your Sony a6300 but don’t want to have camera shake.

If you set a minimum shutter speed of something like 1/100th of a sec and turn on Auto ISO, you make the a6300 camera only increase the ISO if you shutter speed drops under your set speed limit. This will keep you from worrying about camera shake, as your shutter speed will never go below the minimum set limit you programed in.

To set up this feature, go into the Sony a6300’s menu and find the Camera icon on the top left. on page 4 you will see “ISO AUTO Min. SS”. When in Aperture Priority mode this setting will be adjustable. Select the setting and then choose the minimum shutter speed that works for your shoot situation. When shooting with a wider angled lens, you can use a low speed setting 1/60th or even 1/30th of a second, but if you are using a longer lens, try using a faster shutter speed for better results, such as 150th or 300th to get the top image results on the a6300.

Please read your manual fully and study it. The Sony a6300 has many new functions like this that can be a big plus for getting your photos to turn out the best as possible for your taste.

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