PS3 Motorstorm Cheats, Hints And Tricks


In a lot of people’s eyes Motorstorm for the PS3 is the greatest release for the system to date. The game has stunning graphics, incredible details and engaging game play.

So far Motorstorm looks to be mostly cheat free. There are however have a few things you can do to help you outperform your competitors.

First off, you can easily clear the mud and dirt buildup on your screen by twice tapping the view button (Triangle). This will get your view cleared up to original state. “Wow, I can actually see where I am going.”

Second hint. Help make your vehicle go faster. Let your boost charge back up and by tapping the (X) button while driving it will make you go faster without wasting your boost.

Third hint. Use this to shoot your vehicle across the finish line ahead of the others for a win. When nearing the finish line, make sure your boost meter is almost full, then hold the boost. Time it to when you are just before the line you blow up. This will shoot you forward very fast . Hopefully ahead of everyone else.

With Motorstorms great online play I feel this is the only other PS3 game that can compete with Formula One Championship Edition . Definitely a must have for PS3 race fans.

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