PS3 + 4 Year Old + Butter Knife = Bad Day

I don’t get to play with my PS3 as much as I would like to but after Thursday I now don’t get to play with it a all.I got home late Thursday and went over to the TV to check the weather. After I turned on the tube and sat down I noticed something sticking out of the PS3. WTF! It was a butter knife. I quickly unplugged it and went in search of my 4 year old. Boken Ps3

Trying not to scream I walked her into the living room and asked her what was that sticking out of my PS3. She looked up at me and said, that’s one of my tools. Tools for what I said. She told me it was one of her tools she uses to take things apart. After that comment I could only imagine what else she had worked on.

At least the PS3 booted up O.K. and was running fine I thought. No! After 5 minute it shut down. No error message or anything. I turned it back on and nothing. Now it want even boot up. After I got back from a 5 minute cool down walk me and the daughter had a good long talk.

I pulled the knife out of the PS3 and fired it up. As soon as it came on my new copy of Madden NFL 08 popped out. It was scratched all to crap. From the looks of the game she had been jamming the knife in and out trying to rip the top off of the PS3. I tried to load the game but it wouldn’t even try to pull it in. I tried another with the same result.

The cover over the card readers was a little scratched so I looked under the flap. Crap, shes been “working” on the card slots to. My SD and Memory Stick slots are mangled up to. After I got back from a 5 minute cool down walk my daughter and I had a little talk about her video game repairs followed by me trying not to cry for the next 2 hours.

10 thoughts on “PS3 + 4 Year Old + Butter Knife = Bad Day

  1. hey man if you have a costco card (if there is a costco around you) all you have to do is take it back to them, tell them it broke and i can almost guarantee you they will replace it (you dont even need a reciept) my friend does this whenever his xbox Red rings of deathses…. its worth a shot

  2. my sympathies, I have a 7-year old girl who likes to “fix” things too, I remember when she blew my p3 750 (I think, was a while ago), replacing the vid card for me while I was using the PC! (I always run with the side off the PC)

  3. Beat her and then put her grounded! Children needs it to learn some respect! Then you can say to her that you wont buy her presents because you’ll use the money to buy a new PS3. Ready! 😀

  4. what was she doing with a knife on her hand???
    you are lucky that nothing happened to HER… and only your ps3 is broken…
    thats why i dont have kids (yet) and i have a xbox 360 hehehe

  5. The stupid kid should know knives aren’t tools and she isn’t a repairman, she should be grounded and forced to work off the money for the repairs or a new PS3 (no matter her age, damage by a child should have lasting consequences to learn them a lesson)

  6. lol. i have a 5 year old and just checked my consoles for scratches after reading ur dilemer. thankfully no damage. id hate to think of my kid running around with knives mate. maybe u should talk to her about not going through draws mate. u’d be way more upset if anything worse happens in the future.
    good luck with ur next console mate

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