Nikon D7500 Vs D500 Vs D7200 Review Video Test And Specs

Nikon D7500 Vs D500 Vs D7200 Review Video Test
Nikon D7500 Vs D7200 Vs D500 Review Video Test And Specs. This guide will help you decide which top APS-C Nikon camera is best for you.

In the video below, Steve Perry takes an in-depth look at the Nikon D7500 from a wildlife photographer’s view, as well as compare it to the Nikon D7200 and D500. Also, Steve packed the video with a load of cool tips, tricks, and real world usage examples. If you’re thinking about a Nikon D7500, this is the one video you should really watch now.

While the D7500 uses a lot of features from the D500, the new autofocus is unfortunately not one of them. It’s 51 point AF (with 15 cross-type) is falls somewhat behind compared to the excellent 153 point system (including 99 cross-type sensors) of the D500.

With burst rates of up to 8 fps (frames per second) the D7500 is better than the D7200, but the D500 still has an advantage with its 10 fps shooting. This extra 2 fps could make all the difference if you regularly shoot fast moving subjects.

This will worry a great deal of potential buyers, Nikon chose to only put one memory card slot in the D7500, compared to the two in the D500 (and the D7200). This means buyers can’t use a card second slot as a backup, to separate different types of files, or to simply have more storage on board.

All three Nikon cameras feature a hot shoe for mounting a flash. But, only the D7500 and D7200 features its own built-in flash, too. This could be useful if you just need a bit of extra light, or want to use it to trigger external flash units. Sad to see it left off the D500.

You can find the Nikon D500 here, the D7500 here, and the D7200 here for a good price with free shipping.

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