Nikon D7300 4K Leak, Specs, Info And Expectations For This AP-C Camera

Nikon D7300 Specs
Leaked news is gradually hitting the industry for the Nikon D7300 possibly having 4K video, many of the same features of the Nikon D500. Is the D7300 coming in anywhere close to the Nikon D500. Will this be the death of the highly sought after D500 camera?

We get Canon news as well from Eric Rossi, the SL2 is slated to be announced in the next few months as well. Is this big news? Maybe not, but the Canon SL1 was a very popular camera because of its easy of use and very small, palm like size powerhouse.

Nikon D7300 Rumored Specs below:

We don’t have much definitive info for now, but here are the features so far.

20MP sensor (same sensor from the D500)
4K video
ISO: 100-51,200
Tilt screen
8 fps
51 points AF

Let’s hope Nikon has fixed Snapbridge with this release. Hopefully, the developers will get it working correctly.

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