Man Invents Stink Measuring Machine

After years of complaining to the EPA about how the stinky smell coming from the pig farm next door was causing him all sorts of illnesses, Stanly Dixon came up with an idea for how to let them know just how bad it was.

Pig Crap

The electrical engineer from New Jersey had moved to rural North Carolina to get back to the simpler ways of living. “I just wanted a place to settle down and have some solitude” , Said Dixon.

Two years after Dixon bought his 35 acre farm in Halifax County he found out that the adjoining property had been approved for a new pig farm. “Soon after they finished the farm the smell was almost unbearable”, said Dixon. He made every call to any origination that would listen to his complaints. In North Carolina you can’t touch a pig farmer. Once they come in you just have to leave or deal with the smell.

Having plenty of free time following his retirement Dixon says he has made a device that can distinguish the intensity of an odor. When in the presence of a strong odor you can turn it on and it will take in a sample and give you a strength reading of up to 50 on its metering scale.

Dixon plans on marketing it to various industries that might use it for safety purposes. “Nothings worse than running head on into an unexpected foul odor and I hope I can help solve the problem,said Dixon.

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