Man Invents Real Alive Remote Control Pig

Remote Control Pig

In the small South Carolina town of Conway, Jeff Dell has finally mastered his remote control pig. Dell has always kept at least 10 pigs on his small farm. The pigs are mostly kept for eating but there was one that was much brighter than the rest.

Jeff Dell is an electrical engineer in the nearby city of Myrtle Beach. After years as an avid remote control plane enthusiast, Dell used some of his electrical knowledge to tinker with a device to control his prize pig’s behavior.

Dell has modified a combination of dog shock collars and a remote control from one of his planes. The collar on the pig’s neck will give it a very mild shock from one to up to six different metal tabs on the collar. After working with the pig over the last two years Dell has trained the pig to do many different tricks and stunts by remote.

Dell admits that he has had some complaints about mistreating the pig. “The shock is more of a tickle than a shock and he is treated like a family member”, said Dell. It could be worse. The remote control pig would have been diner over a year ago.

Source : MB Sun News

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